The Tale Of Isaac The Flying Panda!

If you have rafted with us, you know of this Legendary Man. He goes by many names; Figure Lion, Action Figure, Flying Panda. Isaac Khawka has established his legendary feat on the Nile river for the past 10 years as one of the best guides to have around.


Isaac can be seen hanging out on the slackline in the morning and making jokes with customers before heading out to have the best day ever. Every day is a new day and Isaac makes it memorable for the clients. We recommend Isaac for the adrenaline seekers. He takes the epic lines and if you're up for it he'll take you in for an epic flip.

Isaac has turned the rapids into his playground. This man is a magician at flipping rafts and making them stand vertical.  Being a Fisherman before joining Nalubale, Isaac has had extensive experience on this beautiful river and is such a fountain of knowledge when it comes to rapids, routes on the river and how to make clients happy.


Isaac’s witty sense of humor has earned him a fan base the world over and it just keeps growing.

So if you are looking for a safe, fun and thrilling adventure, look no further than Isaac and Nalubale rafting.

Will Clark