Terms & Policies



Minimum age:

Our minimum age for grade 3 rafting is 14 year and for grade 5 rafting is 16 years.

Cancellation policy.

We reserve the right to cancel any trip at any time without any notice.  This may be due to but not limited to the following reasons; unsafe water levels, staff illness, minimum client numbers not met, adverse weather, road closures, civil unrest, SOP protocols not met for any reason.

In the event of cancelation we will do the following in this order, 1. Offer to re-book you on another date. 2. Re-book you with another company on the same date (if possible and with  a company we recommend as safe) or 3. offer a full refund of any monies already paid, and offer alternate activity / help facilitate alternate itineraries.

We operate 364 days per year (closed on Christmas Day) and will always do our best to ensure we can honor all bookings but due to the nature of our industry we ask our clients to understand that a cancellation is possible and acknowledge our cancellation policy.


It is your duty to inform us of any medical condition that may affect your rafting trip.  It is extremely unlikely that a medical condition or injury will stop you from rafting but we do want to know what we're dealing with before we get out on the river.

Indemnity waiver:


The White Nile is classified as a GRADE 5 river.

The official definition of a GRADE 5 river, as defined by the official book of the British Canoe Union is as follows:

Extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops, pressure areas.”

I acknowledge that I am aware that the consequences of an accident whilst participating in any whitewater activity on the White Nile can be serious.

I do hereby, personally and on behalf of my dependents, heirs and successors, indemnify the company, its directors, servants, agents and contractors in respect of any harm, injury, death, loss or damage which will befall or be incurred by me, or to my property, during and/or about the whitewater trip on the White Nile, howsoever the same may arise and whether or not as a result of any negligence on the part of any or all of those to whom this indemnity is given, and hold the latter harmless against all or any claims or suits which, but for this indemnity, might otherwise arise at law at the instance of myself, my dependents, heirs or successors.

I have been made aware that I will be transported to and from the river by vehicle.  I agree that the company, it’s directors, servants, agents or contractors will not be held responsible by me for any injury caused to me, whether fatal or otherwise, or to my property, and howsoever arising, which may occur to me during transportation to and from the river.  I hereby indemnify the company and waive all my rights to make a claim, whether or not such injury or loss was due to negligence on the part of the company, its directors, servants, agents or contractors or otherwise.

I acknowledge that I have carefully read and understood the above indemnity.

By affixing my signature hereto, I agree to be bound by the above indemnity.

I acknowledge that this agreement sets out the full basis of the relationship between the company, its associates and myself.  I acknowledge that no representations or statements have been made to me by representatives of the company as to the meaning of the terms set out above, and I acknowledge that I do not rely on any such statements made in ascertaining the meaning of the terms set out above.

Safe Operating procedures:

We have a Safety Management Plan that comprises of our Safe Operating Procedures document (SOP). This document contains details on our company structure, insurance details, a full rapid-by-rapid risk assessment, emergency plans, communication plans and all relevant paperwork. If you need to see this for you company or organisation please contact us ask for our SOP.