Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

The White Nile has long been special to us, since we began in 2005 we have woken up every day with the single aim of giving all of you (our wonderful clients) the experience of a lifetime, an experience we all cherish - a ride down the mighty rapids of the White Nile.  

Our company was founded on the love of whitewater. For all of our staff the Nile is part of our very existence, more than just a river and more than just a job, the Nile and its rapids have formed our paths through life become an integral part of who we are!

We strive to be the best. We aim for the best customer care, the best team and the best day out on the river. Our goal each and every day is to give you our clients the Best Day Ever. If we succeed in that we go home happy.

In recent years we have seen challenges in the building of successive Hydro Power Dam's on the Nile. In 2007 the Bujagali HPP was started and upon its completion in 2011 we saw the loss of 16 legendary rapids. Due for completion in August 2018 the Isimba HPP threatens a further 5 rapids and means we have only a fraction of the whitewater that once was our playground. Whilst this is not a happy story we feel incredibly confident that we still remain with a world-class whitewater trip. We will remain with between 7 and 9 rapids - two of which are grade 5. We still have year-round rafting with huge whitewater and warm water. Our whitewater trips post dam will still be world class and we will still give all our clients the best day ever!!

For more information on the Isimba Dam HPP click here.

Will Clark.

Managing Director.


Will Clark