The World's best whitewater rafting!

We’re not being cocky when we claim we give you the best whitewater rafting in the world. It’s an argument we’re pretty good at winning!

Big volume pool-drop class five whitewater with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius and the same volume and flow year round due to its dam-release nature. That might sound technical, what it means is we have the most incredible whitewater playground, right here in Jinja that is both wild and exciting, and safe.


These qualities are unique to the Nile. It means the River is safe, with deep water and few rocks, allowing us to hit huge waves and river features with no worries. It means we don’t need to wear wetsuits and can enjoy the Ugandan sun year-round! It means whenever you want to explore the Nile we can guarantee a departure 364 days a year (We close only on Dec 25th).


The river Nile is one part of the equation - the perfect playground. The other part is the people. It’s our team that complete the package. Expertly trained and with huge experience and world-class qualifications and the biggest smiles in the business. Make sure you bring your sense of humour to the river, these guys know how to have fun!


Our community is incredible. They round off our packages and offer the last piece of the puzzle. Whether it’s tandem kayaking alongside our trip with Kayak the Nile, spending a night at the Nile River Camp in Bujagali, or any one of the huge list of activities and attractions in and around Jinja, you’re going to find incredible places and incredible people. Jinja is the Source of Adventure, and you’re not going to be disappointed with weekend in East Africa’s adventure Capital!

Will Clark.

Managing Director. December 2018.

Will Clark